Sunday, 28 August 2011

Working Sundays

Even though I'm away from home for a week at a time, Sundays are usually a more casual pace and a bit of a blessing.

(You'll note I purposely avoided that "Q" word. It's a superstition thing. Say that word, and it no longer will be.)

Time can be spent watching TV, catching up on email or FaceBook, reading, blogging or catching a nap. I've also tried to make better use of free time lately with push ups, sit ups, stretching and using my resistance band.

It also leaves you with time to think.

I wonder if I've done all that I could with my life up to now, and I wonder about the mistakes I've made. Those two I try to remind myself of a Tim McGraw lyric:

Well you do what you do and you pay for your sins,
And there’s no such thing as what might’ve
Been, that’s a waste of time; drive you outta your mind

As much as you'd like to go back in time and do things differently, you can't, and there's no guarantee things would  work out any better. I'm not religious by any stretch, but I am spiritual. Things are happening for a reason, they're unfolding exactly as they should. We don't have to understand them, we don't have to like them, we do need to respect them though. I do try to look for clues as to what the universe is trying to tell me ... and work karma as best I can. A good word, a good deed, no anger, no violence. Just doesn't seem worth it.

That how I try to look to the future now. Do more good than what I see, try to get people to pay things forward. And when I do look to the past, I try to remember the things I've done wrong, the hurt I've created ... and not do it again. But if for some reason, I've made someone angry or sad, I try to figure out what the issue was, and honestly and sincerely apologize. Things just seem to be a whole lot better that way.

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